Easy HDTV DVR 1.6

HDTV/DTV viewing and recording software for Windows and ATSC/QAM

HDTV/DTV viewing and recording software for Windows and ATSC/QAM tuner cards
Timeshift, pause, and replay live Digital/HDTV.

Free PSIP fed program guide. Program guide data is collected from PSIP information sent along with the video and audio from the broadcaster.
Records Digital/HDTV television shows in dvr-ms format.

Silent background recording. No window needs to be open while a program is being recorded.
On screen display of channel number, channel name, channel resolution, program name, date, time, signal quality, program start and end time, program rating, volume and program description.
Works with most MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio decoders and choice of decoder is user selectable.
Can run full-screen or in a window.
Works with most ATSC HDTV PCI tuner cards and external USB tuners including ATI HDTV Wonder, ATI TV Wonder 650, Dvico Fusion, HDHomeRun, AutumnWave OnAir GT and AverMedia AverTVHD A180.
Includes plug-in for ATI Remote Wonder Plus remote controls.

Very small program size doesn't use up your disk space.
Clear QAM support in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Multiple tuner support allows you to record multiple programs at once.

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